Dundee Really Rocks!

Well, we certainly think Dundee really rocks, we love being a part of this great city and try our best to make good use of all the wonderful facilities and groups available to us in Dundee.

We think our children, families and our staff team rock too and wanted to share with you how our colleague Avril and others across the city are making Dundee rock in their own unique way.

Avril plays a leading role in the Dundee Rocks group who decorate and hide beautiful rocks around the city. Rock hiding has become very popular in Dundee, there is also a Broughty Ferry Rocks group however Avril and Katie wanted to create something that covered all of Dundee, so decided to do something about it and Dundee Rocks was formed in July this year. The group has almost 150 members who paint rocks with their children, hide them around the city then share pictures of the rocks with clues to where the hidden treasures can be found.

The aim of the group is to have rock hiding areas spread across Dundee so it is accessible for everyone. When the Maggie’s penguins were on parade the group used them as rock hiding places which was great fun and added extra excitement to finding the fabulous penguins.

We think Avril’s hobby and the work she and Katie do to make rock finding accessible and fun for all Dundee children and families is fab, it gets families out and about and doesn’t cost much, all that’s needed is some paint/pens and sealant (clear nail polish is fantastic for this) to protect the rocks from the weather. Children and adults of all ages can get involved too, Dundee Really Rocks!!

Avril also recently used her rock painting talent to make some beautiful story stones for use in our day care for which we are really grateful.

For more information or to get involved visit the Dundee Rocks Facebook page.

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