About Us

We’re new but we have a long-established history.

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland was successfully launched as an SCIO in 2019 after One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS), Scotland’s national single parent organisation, found that parents they were supporting were unable to engage in training, education or employment due to the lack of flexible childcare provision.

To better support these families OPFS created two childcare centres in Aberdeenshire and Dundee that offered high quality, flexible childcare solutions.

Although the centres were designed for one parent families, they were open to all, and provided a unique service that gave parents greater flexibility to engage in activities that would help them achieve a positive work life balance.

However, OPFS felt that their core service should remain focused on single parent families and therefore they created us, Flexible Childcare Services Scotland – the only charity in Scotland to deliver a sustainable, high quality, flexible and affordable childcare service that is accessible to all.

We now have our own centres in Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Inverness and we have created the means for other childcare providers, including workplace nurseries, to adopt our model and deliver flexible solutions for the families they already support.

Our Approach

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) has been created to challenge the inflexibility of current childcare provision across the country. Our approach has been developed with the children, families, practitioners and professionals that use it.

Meet the Team

Our core team consists of highly qualified and experienced practitioners each of whom brings a different set of skills and talents to our team, working together to deliver an exceptional childcare experience.

Our Board

FCSS is governed by an experienced board of trustees who are responsible for the strategic management of FCSS, controlling and supervising our activities, setting a vision for the organisation, and running FCSS in a way that achieves these aims.


At FCSS, we regularly create new and unique publications, reports, and resources to promote the benefits of flexible childcare, ensuring that families and professionals have the information they need.