Our Approach

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) has been created to challenge the inflexibility of current childcare provision across the country.

Our approach has been developed with the children, families, practitioners and professionals that use it.

By working together we have created a high quality, flexible and affordable service that is inclusive and accessible to all. Thanks to their influence:

Increase sustainability & profitability

We know that, by providing families with a flexible service, childcare providers not only meet families’ care, training, education and employment needs, they also increase their own sustainability and profitability.

Needs-led services & learning

We have worked with children, families and childcare providers, to understand their needs; developing Our Services accordingly. We use skilled observation techniques, and in the moment planning, to provide needs-led learning opportunities.

Holistic and welcoming environment

We ensure that care and learning are connected throughout, and we therefore deliver a holistic experience where children can learn at their own pace; following their interests in a safe, caring and welcoming environment.

If this sounds like an approach that you’d like to take, or if you’d like more information, then please get in touch.