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People are key to delivering high quality childcare experiences for children of all ages, and we are working hard to ensure that the childcare sector has the very best people within it.

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We have therefore developed a range of new services to directly support the childcare sector, and the people working within it, so that providers can maintain the excellent quality of care and that children and families have even greater confidence with their provider and the sector as a whole. These include:

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Scotland’s Sessional Childcare Team

Finding suitable childcare staff, especially at short notice, has been an going challenge for the childcare sector, however, we have created a Scotland wide team of trained and experienced sessional staff who are fully PVG compliant and ready to work.

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FCSS is now accredited by SQA to deliver Social Care (Children and Young People) Level 6 & 7.

Thanks to our input the SQA have created a new unit: Flexibility Within the Childcare Environment SCQF level 6

Working alongside First Stop Safely Training, we are ensuring that all staff undertake 12 hours of Paediatric First Aid Training, to help achieve Millie’s Mark Accreditation across the entire organisation.

All FCSS Employees have full access to AZILO Online Training platform giving them the ability to undertake a variety of relevant training opportunities.

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Modern Apprenticeships

We are now accreted to deliver a full Modern Apprentice Programme, giving us the opportunity to provide Social Care (Children and Young People) Level 7.

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Thanks to Flexible Childcare Services Scotland I’ve been able to start a new job that works out the same as my daughters nursery times. This means I’m able to work without missing out on any time with her as when I’m at work she’s in a playful learning environment with her friends just like she’s would be at school.

Fayth – March 2022


Using families at home has been amazing for me, it means I was able to return to education for 2 years and I’m now able to work knowing my daughter is safe and happy. My little ones loves coming to day care the staff are always friendly and helpful and are always on hand to do anything they can to help you.

Jenna – October 2017


We love the Daycare Service because of the flexibility and the staff! It has meant that we can still both work but have high quality childcare that we are not just working to pay for so it has enhanced our quality of life too. The staff are all amazing with our daughter and us as worried parents too!

Deborah – October 2017


Flexible Childcare Services Scotland empowers me to be a working mother. Without the flexibility of the service, I may not have been financially able to return to work.

Laura – April 2018


The flexibility of the service made it possible for me to start doing a degree at the university. Being able to book my child for exactly the hours I need has been invaluable both financially and in terms of convenience.

Jane – February 2019


Without the flexibility of the service we would be paying out 4 x as much in childcare. We are lucky to have my mother in law help 2 days a week. I am a nurse who works shifts therefore our requirements vary on a weekly basis.

Ashley – October 2017


Amazing nursery and staff. All natural resources which is amazing and its all child led. Both my girls love going and have learned and came on so much. The staff are amazing at their job and go above and beyond to help. Always there to support parents and children. Can’t recommend the team and nursery enough.

Samantha – March 2022

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