Next in our Meet the Team series is Liz

Next in our Meet the Team series is Liz who joined our team around 6 months ago and works in both the 0-2 and the 2-5 rooms.

We asked our usual three career-based questions:

Why did you choose a career in early learning and education?
What is your favourite thing about your job at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Then finished off by asking Liz to share three interesting facts about herself.

Here’s what she told us; I chose a career in early learning and education because I’ve always wanted to work with children. I was a stay at home mum but when my children went to school I decided it was time to follow my dream.

It’s hard to pick a favourite thing as I love everything I do within my job especially working with all the different children, I love working across the various ages and really enjoy getting to know all their different personalities.

In five years’ time, if I’m lucky and if things go to plan, I hope to be in a senior post and working away in the nursery.

Here’s my three interesting things…

  • I like doing the 5 or 10k for Stroke Association every year with my husband and children.
  • I’m proud that I had the confidence to stand up in front of people and take part in a pantomime with my husband and daughter.
  • I’ve got two amazing children of my own who love to play football and play for local teams.

We’re delighted that Liz is following her dream by working with us here at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland and we look forward to supporting her in her aspiration to progress to a senior role within the service.

We’re also loving reading the interesting facts our team are sharing with us as part of our Meet the Team series and we hope you are too. Liz, thanks for sharing yours with us today.