Meet Michelle

Welcome to the second of our Meet the Team series where today we would like you to meet Michelle.

Michelle is a creative and fun member of our team, currently based in our creche services Michelle has been fully qualified with an HNC for 17 years and has ambitions to extend and enhance her qualifications as she continues to develop her career.

We asked Michelle why she chose a career in early learning and childcare, here’s what she said; “I still have the same reasons for working in early learning and education now as I had before I qualified. I enjoy helping the children to grow and challenge themselves to fulfil their full potential through play. I believe that we should inspire the children as our very early years shape our future.” We think that’s a wonderful reason to have chosen this career path and we’re delighted Michelle chooses to inspire and shape futures as part of our team.

Next, we asked Michelle what’s her favourite thing about working with us here at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland, she told us she loves meeting and working with new and different families all the time. Michelle also enjoys working with the children as they return to our creches over several years meaning she gets to see them grow up and reach their potential.

Our third question for Michelle was “Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” No crystal ball needed for this one as Michelle has a clear vision of what she wants to be doing. She sees herself still working in the early years sector but moving back to working full time as her youngest daughter will be starting school. Michelle also shared with us her commitment to ongoing learning and training, telling us; “I want to look into some new qualifications as working in the early years sector is changing all of the time.”

Finally, we tossed in the three interesting facts about you question, Michelle was ready with her answers telling us:

  • I am very artistic and like to draw and bake birthday cakes.
  • I’m a busy mum with 4 children of my own; 2 boys and 2 girls. This means I really understand the needs of working families.
  • I like to work out and keep fit…it’s a great stress buster.

We’re grateful to Michelle for sharing her story with us, look out for more of our team intros coming up soon. Working in the early learning and childcare sector is such a rewarding career and we’re lucky to have such a great team who have chosen our sector as their career route. If you want to be a part of our team check out our current vacancies or apply on line now.