500 Faces

500 faces, that’s a lot of faces and hopefully, thanks to Tay FM and the 500 Faces campaign supporters, they’ll be 500 smiling faces.

Our team here at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) are really excited to be sponsoring the 500 Faces campaign and are even more, super, mega excited to have been able to visit Tay FM with some of our day care children for a wonderful session of fun and games with the Tay FM team.

Our outing started with a trip by car to get to the Tay FM studios, we all enjoyed the journey and took the time to talk about the places we recognised, things we know about our local community and how to keep safe when we’re out and about.

We were soon at the studios and the fun got underway. We took part in lots of great fun and games and were made to feel really welcome by the team at Tay FM.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in anyway to making this happen, we certainly had lots of very smiley faces to take back to FCSS and had lots of exciting stories to tell our friends and families.