Tiny Medics in Dundee

Our Team in the Fintry Mains Childcare & Community Hub have all completed Paediatric First Aid Training with First Stop Safety Training, a Dundee based husband and wife team who deliver a range of training sessions covering First Aid, Health and Safety and Health and Fitness.

Owners Robyn and Sean Duffy have children within our Dundee setting and suggested that some of our children undertake their Tiny Medics Training.

The course is designed to help children feel comfortable in an emergency, giving them confidence to shout for help, or call 999. They discuss why it’s important to help and stay calm during an emergency. They also cover the items in a typical first aid box, using teddies and soft toys to practice putting plasters and bump pads for the younger children.  The children learn basic CPR and read a story about a girl called Olivia who uses her new first aid skills to save the day.

Sean was the first aid trainer from First Stop Safety Training and he began by asking if the children knew who to phone in an emergency. Sean then discussed the DOCTORABC (danger, response, breathing, circulation) and asked the children if they know what to do in a situation of danger. 

Sean showed the children how to complete CPR and to remember and always shout for help if you think someone is in danger. The children practised their CPR with 30 compressions to 2 rescue breaths. 

Sean then talked to the children about first aid kits and what to find in there and then each child got to put a plaster on the teddies that they had brought in for practising CPR.

Sean then told all the children to go home and remember their home addresses incase they ever need to phone 999. The children did very well at remembering the 999 number.

The children were really engaged and loved the day, here are a few of their insights:

“I know about danger because I have allergies” 

“I would tell my mummy if I burnt my hand” 

“I would help my friend if they were hurt” 

“I know what an ambulance looks like”

“You go to the hospital when you get sick” 

The children and our team thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it beneficial to their learning and practise as practitioners.

So to the families using our Dundee setting, you’re in safe hands this Winter thanks to your Tiny Medics!