Rising to a New Challenge

by Lesley Tait, Head of Childcare Services, Regional Lead Tayside and Central Region, FCSS

Having been in childcare since the good old NNEB era back in the 80’s (still the best era for music!), who would have thought that 30 years later that I would be Head of Childcare Services for FCSS and Regional Lead for Tayside and Central.

I have worked for councils, for private companies and for large breweries!  I am hoping that I will never have to move from working in the third sector.  In all the employment that I have been in this has been the most challenging, frustrating, overwhelming and joyful, and I would not have it any other way.  When you see the impact that the service you are providing gives to families it is all worthwhile.  I cannot wait to use all of the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years and be able to give advice on a national level.

I am very passionate about flexible and affordable childcare and how, at Families House, we have achieved this.  I have spoken at conferences, I have been on the TV (because no one else would do it😊), been soaked to the skin at a Pitstop at the Dundee Kiltwalk, all to promote what we have been achieving at FCSS and I will continue to do this to show that what families are asking for can be achieved.  I have been told that my passion and enthusiasm comes through when I am speaking about the service, and I am going to take this and run with it into my new position.

Head of Childcare Services and Regional Lead is such a great job title!  I am a little sad at moving from managing Families House, but I know I am leaving it in very capable hands, but they have had a great role model after all, yes I can see them all rolling their eyes at me.  Lastly on a serious note, I am up for the challenge of spreading the word further about high quality, high standards and how children are adaptable to flexible childcare……and I cannot wait!

Challenge accepted!