New charity gives flexibility to families

We are delighted to announce that Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and is the latest organisation to be granted charitable status by the Scottish Charitable Regulator OSCR.

FCSS, the only charity in Scotland to deliver and champion flexible childcare provision, was created after it was found that parents were unable to accept offers of employment due to a lack of high quality, flexible, accessible and affordable childcare services.

Families who use FCSS’s unique services are able to book day care by the hour, only paying for the time they book. They aren’t subject to any up-front costs, deposits or holiday retainers and they can arrange home based care where experienced staff work within the home.

FCSS also provide a pickup and drop off service ensuring that children have access to childcare and afterschool care irrespective of their parents’ education or employment commitments.

According to one parent in Dundee, “We’ve been using the Day Care service for a while now. I work shifts and finding a nursery that fitted with my work pattern was really difficult. Thanks to FCSS I can book different times each week as soon as my rota is out It’s convenient, it saves me money and my son loves it!”

The new charity, currently operating in Dundee and Aberdeenshire, have plans to expand in the Highlands and Islands and have developed their model so that other childcare providers are able to adopt and deliver the same service to the families they support.

According to Susan McGhee, Director of FCSS, “Our approach has been developed with the children, families, practitioners and professionals that use it. By working together we have created a high quality, flexible and affordable service that is inclusive and accessible to all.

“On top of this, we have developed a toolkit so that other childcare providers, including workplace nurseries, can adopt and deliver the same flexible service for the families they support.

“We have also developed an Accreditation Scheme that allows care providers to evidence their commitment to quality, flexible care. As well as giving families robust quality assurance it also gives families greater confidence and trust in their childcare provider.”

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