Meet Katie our New Social Work Student in Aberdeenshire

Hi, I’m Katie a social work student from Robert Gordon University.

This placement at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland is set to be both challenging and rewarding for me as I begin to develop as a professional.

I am looking forward to becoming involved in all aspects of the service and hope to create valuable relationships with both staff and the children who use the service.

Myself and the other student here on placement are beginning to develop ideas which will contribute towards the promotion of the amazing work FCSS do here in Aberdeenshire, with the hopes that the service will be able to expand throughout Scotland. In addition to this, I am looking forward to working directly with children who have additional support needs and I am becoming excited about the prospect of creating fun activities for groups to partake in, ultimately providing the children with great memories.

I hope to come out of this 14 week placement with a new set of skills which will contribute towards my future practice once I am a qualified social worker and am looking forwards to contributing towards the expansion of FCSS and the invaluable work which they do for children and families throughout Aberdeenshire.