Meet Charlie our New Social Work Student in Aberdeenshire

My name is Charlie and I’m a social work student at Robert Gordons University. This is my first week of my placement at Flexible Childcare Services which will continue until July.

I’ve been overwhelmed with how friendly the staff have been so far. The extent of diverse opportunity that the service makes available to children with additional support needs is truly amazing. The energy and passion the team put into making these experiences possible is inspiring, and I’m really excited to get involved over the next few weeks. It’s clear the service has an extremely positive impact on children, parents and staff members.

With lockdown having forced most of our learning to be online over the last year, I think opportunities like this are crucial in our professional development. Putting what we’ve learned into practice is going to be hugely valuable.

I’m always fascinated by how imaginative and creative children are, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of the groups. Getting involved with activities is something I’m especially excited about.

Another aim Katy and myself have is to help promote the amazing work within the service to help stretch its reach to other areas of Scotland.