Meet Christelle Kunda – Childcare Practitioner in Dundee

Whats your name?
Hello, I’m Christelle Kunda N’simba and I’m a Childcare Practitioner at Fintry Mains in Dundee. I work with the 3-5 year olds.

What qualifications / how many years of experience do you have?
I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education with the Montessori pedagogy approach.

I am a devoted carer with 8 years of experience caring for young children.

What does an average day look like and what types of activities do you do?
In the morning, it’s a busy time as we welcome children to start the day.

During the day – indoor areas: We support the children development with endless resources and variety of stimulating indoor activities such as stuff tray and water table, a lot of arts and experiments, and of course singing songs. Children have a garden story area and a reflected house corner as well so there are lots of options for them.

Each area has its own nurturing atmosphere with environments equipped with the resources to meet and exceed the needs of all children through exciting activities every day.

During the day – outdoor areas offer the space to explore and take risks with the support of the team. Outdoor play encourages natural curiosity and allows children to develop their gross motor skills while benefiting from healthy fresh air.

Children have lunch, time they enjoy a freshly-prepared and balanced meal. We encourage children to discover different tastes and textures, try different food and enjoy the experience of sharing a sociable meal with others.

Children have snack times which are a great opportunity to introduce children to different flavours and textures.

Give me an example of some of the challenges you face?
Some of the challenges are safety awareness and class rules.

How do you respond to these challenges?
We discuss their current knowledge of what keeps us safe in various environments (Nursery, Home and out in public) during circle time. We reinforce class rules regularly.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
When children do exploration indoor and outdoor in an environment rich of experience.

Children are developing independence and making choices. They are engaging with the right materials and also developing grace and courtesy.

What made you choose a career in childcare?
Caring is a huge passion of mine. I love children and I am naturally a very patient person. I make sure I offer the best child care services by listening to the needs of young children and toddlers. I pay attention to their words, actions and behaviour.

What’s TV series are you watching / what show would you recommend and why?
I am watching Katie Morag. I would recommend  the daily show-Trevor Noah because It’s comic and fun.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?
I wanted to be a teacher to inspire the next generation. It is a true vocation and passion.