Proud to be a Living Wage Employer

At Flexible Childcare Services Scotland we are proud to be a Living Wage Employer, we know paying our staff the Real Living Wage and having Fair Work Practice at the heart of our organisation really makes a difference.

This Living Wage Week we’d love for you to read more from some of our team members and find out how working for a Living Wage Employer helps them.

“By having the living wage, it has enabled myself to be able to provide and support my family in all aspects of living. Together with my husband we can live happily and are able to provide essentials and treats that we would not be able to afford if we were not on the living wage.” Liz, FCSS, Dundee.

“Being paid the living wage has had a really positive impact on my everyday life. It gave me the financial independence to feel I could afford to live by myself and pay my monthly bills and mortgage comfortably as well as being able to put a little away in savings for any emergencies.” Melanie, FCSS, Dundee.

“I feel very grateful that my employer pays the real living wage, I have three young daughters and being paid the real living wage means I can afford everything they need and pay my bills. It also shows that my employer thinks I deserve a good wage for the job I do and I feel respected as an employee.” Avril, FCSS, Dundee.

“I enjoy working for a living wage provider because it makes dealing with day to day living costs easier. This is a big weight of my shoulders each month when the bills come in!” Nathan, FCSS, Finance Team.

Proud of our team, proud of our values at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland.