Personal Care Plans at FCSS

At Flexible Childcare Services Scotland we ensure that each and every child that attends one of our settings has a complete and up to date Personal Care Plan.

Personal Care Plans ensure that each child in our care experience high quality care and support that is tailored to their specific needs.

To achieve this we follow Scottish Government’s approach of ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ also known as GIRFEC.

There are eight wellbeing indicators at the heart of the GIRFEC approach, commonly known as the ‘SHANARRI Wellbeing indicators’, these are:

  • safe
  • healthy 
  • achieving 
  • nurtured 
  • active 
  • respected 
  • responsible 
  • included.

These wellbeing indicators help our team, and the families we support, to discuss how a child is doing and identify if any support is required.

The Personal Care Plans at FCSS are created with parents shortly after they enrol at one of our settings. The Care Plans ensure that every single member of our team are able to provide the right care and support for each individual child.

Our team arrange individual meetings with parents and start our Care Plan conversations by following the My World Triangle approach so that we can get a better understanding of a child’s whole world. Questions include:

  • Who do the children live with
  • Who are their special people
  • Their doctor, GP or other healthcare professionals e.g. speech therapy specialists
  • Any allergies
  • Other childcare settings or external clubs

All Personal Care Plans are reviewed at least once every six months or sooner if required. 

This supports our team and the service to remain up to date with each child as an individual through their changing interests, needs and successes.  Potential risks can also be identified, and effective solutions recorded to ensure the best outcomes for the child.  

To find out more about personal care plans please contact your childcare setting or