Goodbye giveaways, a positive negative for Climate Week 2019

Events, exhibitions, conferences and seminars…every time you attend one you seem to come away with a selection of ubiquitous freebies. Pens, cups, trolley tokens, sweet treats, fliers and more. So many bits and pieces but how many do you actually use and how many just add to the clutter on your desk, in your bag or rattling around in your car?

We’ve fallen prey to the giveaway culture ourselves and have in the past given away our very popular Professor Bendy Pen, sweets, fliers and more.

BUT, no more…we have taken the decision to cut the clutter, stop the sweets and rely on the human connections, the opportunity to speak to our team, the chance to learn more about what we do and the impact our services have.

We’re committed to protecting the environment and determined to reduce the amount we contribute to landfill sites around the country.

We’re asking you to consider do you really need another plastic pen, sticky sweetie or trolley token or would a much bigger and better gift be a healthy planet, an environment that can sustain and nurture future generations?

Bye, bye Professor Bendy Pen and all your fellow freebies, from here on our service stands on its merits alone…it’s our positive negative decision for Climate Week 2019. Come chat to us next time you see us at an exhibition or event, we’d love to tell you more.