Flexible Childcare Reduces Costs

My name is Nadia and my son J who’s 3 attends Flexible Childcare Services Scotland’s Cummings Park Nursery.

We chose Cummings Park primarily because of the flexible childcare options but it’s also in a convenient location and we liked that it was a brand-new facility.

Flexible childcare is fantastic; I don’t know anywhere else that offers this service. It has allowed us to reduce our childcare costs because we only pay for the hours we use, rather than full days, and it’s helped me to get back to work and increase my hours which has been so helpful, especially at the moment.

All in all it’s a fantastic setting, my son loves it – he has made some great friends and he really likes the team there. They are friendly and professional and go the extra mile to make sure the children are engaging in fun and worthwhile activities. The space is also great, always clean and tidy and with a great garden space outside.

I would completely recommend this nursery; the childcare is great!