Flexible childcare helps young mum go back to college

Annabelle is a young, 24-year-old, mum with 2 children; Ethany is 5 and John is 3.

John goes to Flexible Childcare Services Scotland’s Cummings Park Nursery. They chose the nursery because it offered flexible booking options which suited the family as it allowed mum to provide extra support to Ethany who is autistic.

Due to Ethany’s autism she doesn’t like being around unfamiliar people, she is very anxious and she has a speech delay which causes her frustration and distress.

Annabelle is also looking at college courses so that she can retrain in the hope of getting a better job when John goes to school. As well as being able to change her bookings to provide extra support to Ethany the flexibility of the service will help Annabelle to start a course now that she has the opportunity to book childcare that matches her new timetable.

“John loves Cummings Park, the team there are fantastic and he has come on so much since he started last year. I chose the setting as my eldest needs a bit of extra support due to her autism and the flexibility at John’s nursery means that I can change my bookings when I need to. I’m hoping to start a new course after the summer and without the flexible options I just wouldn’t be able to.”