Childcare Charity announced as Top Flexible Employers in Scotland

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS), the only charity in Scotland to champion flexible childcare, has been recognised as one of Scotland’s Top 10 Flexible employers in Flexibility Works employer awards.

Flexibility Works was founded in April 2020 with the aim of supporting more employers in Scotland to create flexible working spaces.

Working flexibly is not only good for employers and people, it has the power to address deep-rooted societal and economic issues like poverty, inequality, and the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

FCSS, a national charity who already manage settings in Dundee, Inverness, Moray and across Aberdeenshire, was created after it was found that parents were unable to accept offers of employment due to a lack of high quality, flexible, and accessible childcare services.

FCSS has developed their service to meet the diverse needs of parents, helping them to manage their existing commitments and in many cases distancing them from poverty by providing flexible childcare that allows them to maintain sustainable employment.

The charity has not only developed a flexible childcare model but it has embedded flexibility into the core of the organisation, providing flexible contracts to their team so that they can also pursue their own educational interests, manage family commitments or find extra sessional work if required.

Lisa Gallagher, Co-Founder, Flexibility Works, said:

“Congratulations to Flexible Childcare Services Scotland for being a Flexibility Works’ ‘Top 10 Flexible Employer 2020’.  This accolade sends a positive message to your people and your customers that you are flexible employer of choice, which is good for people, for business and ultimately society.

“This was a stand-out entry for judges. This is a tough sector for flexible working, but a high proportion of staff at FCSS work flexibly, completely bucking the trend for the sector. Judges noted that flexibility for their own employees clearly aligns to purpose of the organisation and were impressed with the results of a flexible approach, including high employee engagement. Well done again.”

According to Susan McGhee, Chief Executive at FCSS,

“We are absolutely delighted to be recognised as a flexible employer. The way we work, study, and learn have, and will continue to, change. Shift working, rotating schedules and flexible working will increase, as will the need for flexible childcare. Delivering flexible childcare also means that we need a flexible team and we know that this isn’t just appreciated by our team members, but it also allows them to engage in the activities that will benefit them as individuals. By working with our team, providing flexible contracts that meet their needs we know that we provide a better work life balance delivering even greater job satisfaction while simultaneously improving productivity. We also have a higher retention rate, something that the sector traditionally has challenges with – all in all it provides a huge benefit to the team and to the organisation as a whole.”

The award is a huge boon for FCSS as it continues to recruit experienced or qualified childcare practitioners for Scotland’s National Sessional Childcare Team.

The new childcare team has been created to provide even greater support for the sector and practitioners will be provided with flexible contracts and the real living wage.