Aberdeenshire manager celebrates 15 years of service

Last week our fabulous Aberdeenshire based Manager, Maureen Rennie, celebrated 15 years of service running children’s services across Aberdeenshire. Maureen started initially with One Parent Families Scotland and since FCSS took over the childcare services previously operated by OPFS Maureen’s service has transferred to our organisation.

Maureen began her professional childcare career with the much respected NNEB, Nursery Nurses Examination Board Certificate. In 2010 Maureen achieved the BA in Childhood Practice from Aberdeen University, during her career she has also undertaken a vast array of other professional development courses and qualifications.

When asked why she chose a career working with children Maureen told us, “I always wanted to work with children, I’ve always enjoyed the play, chat and interaction with them.”

Maureen also told us, “My favourite thing in my job is meeting people and trying to support families across Aberdeenshire, it’s really rewarding to see the difference the right support can make.”

Having seen lots of changes in the sector over the years we asked Maureen what one thing she would still like to see change? She told us she would really like to see more men entering the profession and being encouraged to remain in the sector with clear career progression routes.

A powerhouse of hard work, high standards and determination, Maureen is well known and highly regarded amongst the childcare, early learning, education and additional support services sectors across Aberdeenshire.

We are delighted to have Maureen as a valued member of our Senior Management Team and look forward to many more years working together.