We’re feeling warm inside and out thanks to the Outdoor Clothing Fund

by Kimberly Fyfe, NESCol Nursery Manager

At Flexible Childcare  Services Scotland’s NESCol Nursery, we are a free flow setting, children are given the opportunity to be outdoors all day, every day!

The outdoor clothing fund will support children’s independence skills when getting ready for going outside, and encourage the children to stay outdoors for longer as they will have the appropriate clothing to prevent them getting too cold too quickly.

Playing outdoors in the fresh, open air boosts children’s immune systems, developing their ability to fight off infection and build resilience to allergies. When playing outdoors, children are continually developing their physical and social skills at the same time as keeping fit and healthy.

The Outdoor clothing fund will support us in the development of our project, ‘wee green space’, this is when our children can go out to explore and investigate the forest area without the worry of getting their clothes dirty.