Training to be the best

My name it’s Rachael Clark, I am an Early Years Practitioner at Flexible Childcare Services Dundee.

I joined the services October 2019.  I have worked in the early years sector for ten years now.  Since working at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland I have developed personally as well as a staff member.

In the last year I have found myself to be working along side the children aged five and above.  In my opinion, I find our services a lovely place to work alongside our amazing staff team.

Our staff team is made up of strong members of staff who are always willing to further their knowledge and understanding in different aspects of children’s care in a regards to the early years sector.

Our staff team are always available and are up to do date with the current childhood practice. We are very fortunate that we have been introduced to Azilo which is an online training facility where we can further our understanding in a variety of courses. I have worked towards many courses but particularly enjoyed the inspirational leadership course. This is an area of development that I would like to excel in.

As an Early Years Practitioner it is my responsibility to work in partnership with parents, carers and families as they are their child’s first, and most enduring, carers and educators. The way in which I work in partnership with families are: day to day transitions, communications with families, sharing and passing on information about their child, providing learning Journals  for families to share at home and comment on.

In my job I find it very rewarding when working together with families to achieve the best possible start for their child/children.

My job is very rewarding and I am very fortunate to be in this career and to have the opportunity to help children develop to their best potential and grow into their own personalities.