Celebrating Neurodiversity – Inclusive Settings

by Megan Lawson, ASN Co-Ordinator

At FCSS, one of our core values is accessible. To support the children and young people attending our services, ensuring it is accessible to all is vital. 

Within the Aberdeenshire ASN groups, each group is in a setting suitable for children with additional needs to attend. The facilities within each setting vary, however, the core areas accessed are mainly the same. 

The sensory room supports children’s regulation, social skills as well as 1:1 interactions. The sensory room also offers children a quiet place to relax and listen to music if they wish to do so. As can be seen from the images, it also encourages social skills; children require turn taking skills to choose a programme within the room as well as engaging in games on offer from the omni projector. 

The outdoor spaces we use are also accessible, ensuring all of the children and young people have access to opportunities inclusive of their needs. Recently one of our groups experienced a taster badminton session where everyone was included regardless of ability.

Our settings have access to local parks as well as in-school playgrounds. The equipment here is accessible and offers our children and young people the opportunity to access the outdoors alongside their peers. Basket swings allow for individuals to rest and enjoy the swinging motion and the accessible roundabouts ensure everyone can enjoy it together! 🙂