Our Services

Day Care

  • Open 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Book hourly and only pay for what you book.
  • Flexible hours and days – they can be different each week if needed.
  • No deposit, no holiday retainer and no upfront costs.
  • Bright, welcoming care and learning environment.
  • Excellent range of resources.

Home Based

  • Childcare directly within your home.
  • Our skilled, experienced staff follow your home routine.
  • Weekly flexible bookings paying only for what you book.

Pickups and Drop Offs

  • We can drop off or pick your child up from any school in Dundee.
  • We can take them home or take them back to our Day Care where you can collect them.
  • We can drop off or pick up from your home and take them to the Day Care.
Child drawing

After School

  • Pick up from schools across Dundee.
  • Designated room for after school children with direct access to the garden.


  • Childcare for organised group activities, creches last up to 2 hours.
  • We risk assess your premises and advise you of the outcome.
  • Our experienced practitioners will care for your children with fun experiences tailored to their interests.