Our Approach

At Flexible Childcare Services Scotland we’re taking a fresh look at how traditional childcare services operate.

We believe high quality childcare means meeting the individual needs of the children and families using our services. It means listening to the child’s voice, using skilled observation and in the moment planning to provide relevant invitations to learn. We believe care and learning are intertwined and deliver a holistic experience where children can learn at their own pace, following their interests in a safe, caring and welcoming environment.

FCSS - staff and children

We offer a truly accessible service right in the heart of our community. We operate hours that reflect the working and study patterns of the families using our provision and we provide a drop off and pick up service to get children safely to and from our day care setting.

We also offer home based care and creche services meaning our childcare really is accessible to all.

We’re challenging the traditional booking patterns for childcare services and offering our services on an hourly basis. This means families using our services pay only for the care they need as opposed to having to book and pay for set sessions. In addition to this we charge no deposit or upfront fees and no holiday retainer.

Flexible childcare services work for families, the care workforce and most importantly for the children attending the service. Here’s what some of our service users have to say about FCSS:

We love the daycare service because of the flexibility and the staff! My husband works shifts and has days off during the week so the service means we don’t have to pay for a ‘full-time space’ like we would need to at every other nursery in Dundee, when we don’t need it. It has meant that we can still both work but have high quality childcare that we are not just working to pay for, so it has enhanced our quality of life too. The staff are all amazing with our daughter and us as worried parents too!

Without the flexibility of the service we would be paying out four times as much in childcare. We are lucky to have my mother-in-law help two days a week. I am a nurse who works shifts, therefore, our requirements vary on a weekly basis.

FCSS - children playing

We also asked our staff why working in a flexible childcare setting works for them. Here’s what they said:

Being able to support all Families with Flexible Childcare options; meaning that they can access high quality and affordable childcare. It’s so rewarding to hear families talking about how they wouldn’t manage without the flexibility that we offer. I feel really proud to be a part of the team that provides this service.

Working in a flexible childcare setting works for me because I enjoy working with lots of different children. It’s nice to see how well the children settle in, even those aren’t in very often. It’s also good that it’s different staff so we all learn how to work as a team. It works because it’s not always the same stuff every day, the children, their interests and the staff change so it’s always interesting.

Working in a flexible childcare setting works for me because I can work a few hours around family and other work commitments. I work 2 days a week in a private nursery and with flexible childcare I am getting experience in day care with a variety of ages of the children.

Working in a flexible childcare service works for me as I feel it provides a beneficial work/life balance. I feel with working in a flexible childcare setting means not every day is the same and therefore you can build more skills and have more opportunities for new experiences.

Naturally we couldn’t forget the most important people in all of this, the children. They are the reason we are all here and they make every day fun. We truly value the child’s voice in every aspect of our work and consult with them on many things. They have contributed to the development of the setting by helping us choose resources, plan our playrooms and displays and create our free flow lunch system. We are currently working on ways to get our children and families more involved in guiding our service, including Stay and Play sessions. Watch this space for more info coming soon.