Understanding School-Age Childcare

Do you use or provide wrap around school-age childcare?

We are working hard to better understand what school-age childcare is currently available to parents in their local communities so that we can develop our Caerus childcare management software, extending it’s functionality to include school-age childcare options.

When we talk about school-age childcare, we are not just talking about your traditional out-of-school and breakfast clubs; we are also interested in the informal options available; sports clubs, dance studios, family members etc.

We would love to learn a little more about why you do or do not currently use school-age childcare. For example.

  • There is a lack of options in your area
  • There are options but none are suitable
  • There is no requirement as you are a full-time carer
  • Something else?

Please help us to understand your childcare choices or the services you provide – be that regulated care or club and activity provision – by answering a very short questionnaire.