Sally Cavers

Board Member at FCSS and Head of Inclusion at Children in Scotland

Hi, my name is Sally.

In my day job I am Head of Inclusion at Children in Scotland where I co-ordinate all of our additional support for learning services and projects and think about how we can contribute to making lasting changes for children with additional support needs.

What matters to me is respect, trust and equity. I think we have great services and support networks in Scotland but it worries me that not every child who needs them gets them. I think there are some things we need to do differently to secure better outcomes for all children and young people.

I joined the Board at FCSS because I admire the vision and aims of the organisation. I am involved in a childcare project in Glasgow and conscious of the fact that flexibility is key to making some fundamental changes to the provision of childcare. FCSS seems to me to be built on innovation and shifting the way services are designed and delivered.

For fun I like to bake and be crafty, I love to make things with my son and daughter or for them!