Flexible Childcare options give parents more opportunities

My name is Linzie, my son is Jasper is 3 and goes to Strathisla Children’s Centre in Keith.

We chose the nursery because of the large open space and garden access but also largely because of the manager, Eleanor.

I had emailed a few local nurseries for information before Jasper started when he was 2 and honestly felt the other places weren’t interested, they kind of brushed me off.

Eleanor was the opposite, she sent a lot of information over and told me to contact her should I have any more questions and she invited us to have a look.

She was welcoming and seemed very happy to have my son at their nursery. My son is suspected to be autistic and the staff and manager have helped me to get support in place and go out of their way to help in areas he particularly struggles in.

The flexible service means I have been able to take more hours at work and start a distant learning course. I have also extended Jaspers hours at the last minute when I have needed to in the past and this has never been an issue with the nursery. They always accommodate where they can.